Transition lenses for driving

by , August 16, 2023

Transition lenses for driving

Transitions™ lenses are light-responsive lenses inside your prescription frames that change their tone based on the amount of UV light around them.
These lenses have a special coating that makes it more convenient to protect and shade your eyes when you move between light and dark areas. People who use these lenses in their prescription frames don’t need to switch between their regular glasses and sunglasses or purchase additional prescription sunglasses. There’s a catch, though—the tinting that is standard on car windshields can block the UV rays these lenses need to transition, making them somewhat less effective when you are inside the car.
This article will offer options and tips for selecting the best Transitions® lenses for driving.

Technology: How Transitions™ Lenses Work

Transitions™ lenses have a special coating activated in the presence of ultraviolet rays from the sun and some types of artificial light.
When these lenses come into contact with these rays, they turn darker, then fade to a lighter or clear color when the light source is gone.
Transitions™ lenses usually darken in less than a minute when exposed to UV radiation, but it can take 2 to 5 minutes to fade again once the light source is gone. It can take up to 15 minutes for these lenses to completely return to their normal state.
This time delay could be a problem when driving, especially if you frequently move from light to dark. It’s also important to consider that since most car windshields filter a lot of UV light from coming into the car, your lenses may not transition as quickly or effectively while you are inside the car.

Transitions™ Signature GEN 8®

These are considered the “standard” Transitions™ lens, but one of the newest models. It offers a basic transition from light to dark, but more quickly and vividly than earlier versions of these lenses.

Transitions™ XTRActive®

XTRActive® offers the darkest dark tone and bright light protection compared to the basic Transitions™ lens. They also offer a faster fade back than previous models, the darkest color outdoors and in the car, and a slight tint in the clear state.

Transitions™ XTRActive Polarized®

XTRActive Polarized® is similar to the XTRActive lens but with additional glare and blue light protection. It offers the darkest tone and polarization that reduce glare while enhancing colors. It filters out 100% of UVB and UVA rays..

Transitions™ Drivewear®

Drivewear® lenses are dark yellow polarized lenses that change to dark brown based on the UV intensity. Drivewear(™) lenses are designed specifically for driving, combining bright light or glare protection with enhanced contrast of color tones. They make everything look brighter and sharper looking which is beneficial for drivers

Transitions™ Shields®

Shields® is a Transitions™ lens that’s created specifically for helmets. It offers visio support and protection along with seamless light protection and transition. Shields® can be added directly through helmet manufacturers

ACUVUE™ Oasys® with Transitions™

These contact lenses combine the vision protection and comfort of ACUVUE Oasys® with the shading and light protection of Transitions™. This lens is the first of its kind and is only available through the ACUVUE™/Transitions™ partnership.

Best Transitions™ Lenses for Driving

Your eyes are the most important tool you have for driving safely. Seeing clearly and sharply helps you find your way as your drive and allows you to respond quickly to obstacles.
Transitions™ XTRActive® and Drivewear® are both formulated with drivers in mind. They offer sensitive photochromatic protection, as well as blue light and glare filtering.

Buy Transitions™ Lenses for Driving from a certified retailer

Photochromatic technology can be applied to many products, so you have to remember that other brands sell lenses similar to Transitions™. Transitions™ has a reputation for quality, but there is a higher cost, so ensure you are getting what you are paying for. Be cautious when ordering Transitions™ lenses, and make sure you are buying your lenses from a reputable dealer.


Transitions® lenses may cost a little more upfront, depending on where you get them from, but they can save you money in the long run. You won’t need regular glasses and prescription sunglasses, and there are specific lenses that are made for driving. Transitions® lenses from have several options and can save time and money compared to competitors.

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