How to Spot Fake Prescription Glasses and Lenses

by , June 21, 2023

How To Spot Fake Prescription Glasses And Lenses

It can be difficult to tell when you are getting a good deal on glasses and when a deal is too good to be true.

In this article, we will explore how to spot fake prescription eyeglasses, what red flags to watch for, and how Overnight Glasses can help you get a reliable pair.

Signs That Your Eyeglasses Are Fake

How To Spot Fake Prescription Glasses And Lenses

Spotting fake prescription eyeglasses can be tricky. Depending on where you get them from, your glasses might look and feel like the real thing. If you are getting a high-end pair of prescription eyeglasses for a really low price, though, you may find yourself wondering exactly what you got.

You might not have the tools to check the actual prescription on your new prescription lenses at home, but the following categories can provide clues as to the authenticity of your new glasses.


Packaging is one of the first things you will notice when your prescription eyeglasses arrive. Many companies—especially high-end designers—have very recognizable branding and packaging on their products. Seeing packaging that doesn’t seem to match the brand can be a sign of a counterfeit product. Other red flags can include things like off-coloring on the packaging, misspellings, and different languages on the box.


We all love a good deal, but an unexpectedly low price can be a sign that you will be getting exactly what you pay for—and that’s not always a good thing. Although manufacturers do run sales and specials, if you are getting your prescription glasses for far less than they normally sell for, it is worth questioning the authenticity of your glasses.


Subtle changes can be tricky to spot, but small mistakes in logos can be a giveaway for a fake pair of prescription glasses. Changes to watch for may include things like backward letters, changes in font styles, or a lack of a logo altogether.

Product Details

You may notice other problems of differences in a fake pair of eyeglasses. Maybe the product that arrives doesn’t appear the same as the product you ordered. The color, size, or even shape could be wrong. You will also want to pay attention to how well your new glasses correct your vision. A slight or no change in vision correction can be an indicator that something isn’t right with your prescription eyeglasses.


Outside of how well your vision is corrected, take note of the material your lenses and frames are made from. Some common themes among fake eyeglasses include things like being too lightweight or too heavy or just generally appearing to be made with lower-quality materials.


A cloudy lens, or a lens that doesn’t help correct your vision problem, is often a sign of a counterfeit pair of glasses. Prescription glasses can be checked with special tools at an optometrist’s office or with special scanners called lens meters. Some prescription lenses such as progressive also have a logo imprinted on them that provides information about the prescription used to make them.


special code on frame

Like your lenses, frames usually have special codes imprinted on them with information about the size and shape of the frames. Counterfeit or fake eyeglasses may not have any codes or information printed on them, and may be lacking other features like a logo. Your frames may also feel cheap or flimsy.


The hardware that’s used on your glasses can also be an indicator of their quality or authenticity. Some hardware differences may be related to the style of the glasses, but plastic hinges or screws are often a sign that you may have gotten a pair of fake eyeglasses.

Tips for returning fake eyeglasses

If the eyeglasses you received don’t match your prescription or the quality you expected, you can try to contact the company you purchased them from. However, if you truly received a fake or counterfeit pair of glasses, you may have difficulty returning them and getting a refund.

Overnight Glasses specializes in affordable pairs of eyeglasses delivered quickly, so if you are in need of an immediate replacement for your eyeglasses, see what Overnight Glasses has to offer. Overnight Glasses can also create replacement lenses that will fit your existing frames if you just want to have a more effective lens than what is already there.


Counterfeit frames may seem flimsy or weak, but it can be more difficult to tell if your lenses are the real deal. Buying eyeglasses online is quick and easy, but you also risk getting a pair that can’t correct your vision or is a fake version of a better frame and lens. Overnight Glasses can help you replace your frames and/or lenses quickly if you find yourself with a counterfeit pair of glasses.

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