How to Keep Glasses from Slipping Down Your Nose

by , July 10, 2023

How to Keep Glasses from Slipping Down Your Nose

The feel and fit of your frame are just as important in a pair of eyeglasses as your prescription for vision correction. Glasses that slide down your nose hug your face too tightly, or are the wrong size for your face will be uncomfortable to wear and take away from how well your glasses fit your needs and lifestyle. There are a lot of factors involved in finding the best overall fit of your frames, but if having them slip down your nose is the biggest problem, there are a few things you can try that might help.

Why Do Glasses Slip?

Glasses can slip down your face or slide down the bridge of your nose for a few reasons, but having the wrong size or type of frame, to begin with, is the most common reason.

When you order a new pair of eyeglass frames in a retail location, an optician will measure different areas of your face to help you find the right fit. Online retailers like Overnight Glasses offer these same tools but let you take these measurements at home.

Choosing frames that are the right size and shape for your face can help ensure you have the best possible fit in your finished pair of eyeglasses.

How Do You Know If a Pair of Glasses Fits You?

You might just like the way a pair of frames looks on your face, but a good glasses fit goes beyond appearance. The width of the frames, the type of nosepiece, and even the shape and style of the arms can affect the fit of your glasses.

Some signs that your eyeglasses frame might not be the best fit include:

  • You frequently have to readjust the position of your glasses on your face.
  • Your glasses slide down the bridge of your nose.
  • You are left with imprints or red marks on your nose.
  • Your glasses fall off when you bend over or tilt your head.
  • You have marks or pain in your ears or temples.
  • Your eyes feel tired or strained.

How to Keep Glasses from Slipping Down Your Nose

The best advice to keep your frames in place is to use the right measurements and tools to ensure you have a pair of eyeglasses that fit your face well. Sometimes, though, slippage can happen even with a well-fitting pair, or maybe you want to try some fixes before replacing your frames. The list below offers some options.

Way 1: Use Oil-Free Facial Cleanser

Natural oils, serums, and lotions you apply to your face can keep your skin healthy and smooth. Oily skin or too much skincare product can make your nose slippery, allowing your frames to slide down the bridge of your nose easily.

Keeping your face clean with an oil-free facial cleanser and avoiding the application of creams to the bridge of your nose may help keep your glasses from sliding.

Way 2: Use Glasses’ Chains and Straps

How To Keep Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

Even with the right fit, you may find that your glasses still slip. Maybe the bridge of your nose is small or angled steeply. If every pair of glasses is difficult to keep in place, you may want to add a chain or strap to your glasses.

A fitted strap attaches to the arms of your glasses and goes around the back of your head to hold your glasses snugly in place. These straps are often used for younger children and athletes who wear glasses while competing.

A chain attached to the arm of your frames can also help. While chains do little to keep your glasses from sliding down your nose, they add a safety net in your glasses slip off your face. The chain will catch your glasses if they slip off, helping you prevent damage to the lenses or frame or a lost pair of eyeglasses.

Way 3: Use Eyewear Band

Eyewear bands are the same as straps. These bands are usually adjustable and made to offer you a fitted hold for your frames. Some straps or bands can also hold or store your glasses when you’re not wearing them to keep them from being lost or damaged.

Way 4: Tighten the Frames

Your frames are held together by tiny screws that can loosen over time, affecting the fit of your eyeglasses. If your glasses fit when you first got them but begin to slide or not fit well over time, try checking and tightening the screws on your frames.

Even if your glasses aren’t completely slipping off or fitting poorly, tightening the screws that hold the arms to the body of your frame can help tighten or loosen the fit around your temples, helping to keep them secure on your nose.

Way 5: Keep Glasses Clean

Build of natural face oils, cosmetics, lotions, or sunscreens can also make it difficult to keep your glasses in place. Regularly cleaning the bridge of your glasses or nose pads can help you avoid slippage from waxy or oily buildup.

Way 6: Adjust the Nose Pads

If your glasses have nose pads attached instead of having the frame sit directly on your nose, you should be able to slightly move or adjust those pads for a tighter fit on your nose. Just be careful; the tiny metal prongs that attach the nose pads to your frames can be easily bent or broken.

Way 7: Use eyeglass retainers

Eyeglasses retainers come in a few forms. Typically, these are sold as products that you attach to the arm of your frames. Some versions have a wrap to tighten the hold of the arms around your face. Others offer circular or tabbed devices applied to the end of the arm to help secure your glasses behind your ears. A tighter fit behind the ear can help keep your glasses in place without leaving the job entirely to your nose.

Way 8: Replace your nose pads

If you’ve adjusted your nose pads without success, try replacing them. Most nose pads are made of silicone or similar material and can be popped off and replaced as needed. You can also purchase individual nose pads that can be attached directly to your eyeglasses frame if you have a pair without adjustable nose pads.

Way 9: Apply wax

Waxes and other sticky substances are sold specifically to help keep your glasses in place. These products can be very effective, but avoid too much buildup that could cause problems on your glasses or skin.


Many devices and products are designed to help keep your glasses in place, but the best strategy is to find a pair of glasses with a good fit in the first place. Eyeglasses can be ordered in different sizes, and Overnight Glasses offers help to find the right pair for your face shape and size.

If your current glasses move or slip, consider replacing your frames with a better-fitting pair. Overnight Glasses offers a variety of frame options to help you pick the right frames for your face, resources to get the right measurements before you order, and customer service to assist delivering your new glasses quickly.

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