How to choose the best glasses for a round face?

by , June 7, 2022

How To Identify a Round Face Shape?

The best place to begin is to figure out your face shape. There are several face shapes including oval, round, square, heart rectangle, and diamond. Each shape looks best with different frames. When you have the right frames for your face, you’ll not only look great, but your frames will stay put. The wrong shaped frames can end up shifting and falling off or sliding around when you move, look down, or turn your head quickly.

How To Choose The Right Glasses For A Round Face Shape?
How To Choose The Right Glasses For A Round Face Shape?

Begin by pulling your hair back if you have any that covers your face. Look in the mirror and note the relative location and shape of your forehead, eyes, cheekbones, jawline, and chin.

Those with a square face will notice their forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are aligned. However, someone with a heart-shaped face will have cheekbones that are wider than their jawline with a pointed chin.

If you think you have a round face, look for specific features and shapes. Round face shapes have full cheeks, often giving them a youthful appearance. Their foreheads are likely to be wide at the top, rather than narrow, like other face shapes. Toward the bottom of the face, the chin will be rounded instead of pointed like the heart or oval face shapes. Round face shapes are also more likely to have a more subtle jawline instead of one that is more pronounced and angled.

Does this sound like you? Are you a round face shape? If so, keep reading to discover the best frames for your face.

Best Frame Shapes for a Round Face

Even though everyone will have their own personal goals, a round face shape will look best with certain style frames.

  1. For those who want their face to look a little thinner and longer, narrow and more angular eyeglass frames will be best. The geometric angles will be a sharp play against the softer features of the round face. This choice is not for the faint of heart, but for those who like to leave an impression.
  2. Try eyeglasses with a clear bridge and a rectangular shape. They should be wider than they are deep. The angular shape will be less dramatic than other geometric choices but will offer a sharp contrast to your soft features, which can be flattering. This choice is often selected by people who want a strong aesthetic, so they stand out in their environment.
  3. Transparent frames will provide just a few guidelines for the eyes to follow as they look at your face, but they’ll be able to see the soft features of your face rather than covering them up. This natural look is great for people who like to have minimal interference with their look, so people see them and not the accessories they wear.
  4. The cat-eye or D-frame is best for round faces with full-bodied, curvy cheeks. These frames will draw attention while simultaneously complimenting and highlighting your face.
  5. Full-rimmed, thick frames will offer a dramatic look whether you choose cat-eye, geometric, or rectangle frames. Try lightweight acetate materials to offset the additional weight of thick-rimmed glasses.
  6. Wooden frames are trendy and can complement those with a warm skin tone. The natural materials will provide an elegant style while maintaining a softer, natural look. Plus, they are often more sustainable if sourced from bamboo or other low-footprint materials.
  7. Wayfarer glasses are an iconic choice, leaving an impression on those around the wearer of classic Hollywood and a fearless, distinctive style.

Frames To Avoid

Just as there are frames to choose for your round face, there are some frames that should be filtered out of the options you’re considering. There are just a few. First, avoid frames that are small. A round face shape needs something that won’t look like it’s squeezing their face. Small frames can also make your face look much larger than it is, leaving an aesthetic impression of a large ego. Small frames also run the risk of making you look like you are cross-eyed, which can make it more difficult for people to trust or relate to you.

Circle and oval frames are also a frame shape to stay away from when looking for the right aesthetic. Instead of offering a balancing effect on your face, they will exaggerate your round features. Round faces need to offset the roundness of your face. When you offset and balance your round features, you have a more pleasing aesthetic. Also, round frames on a round face will often have a more difficult time staying on your face during activity, even if all you’re doing is looking down or quickly turning your head from side to side.

Round faces, just like every face shape, look great when you choose the right frames. You still have plenty of choices that will compliment your features and help you express your personal sense of style. You now have the information you need to test the frames that will look best on you. Have fun!

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