How to choose the best glasses for an oval face?

by , June 7, 2022

How To Choose The Right Glasses For An Oval Face Shape?
How To Choose The Right Glasses For An Oval Face Shape?

How To Identify an Oval Face Shape?

Before you begin shopping, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for while trying to discover your new look. That means you need to discover your face shape. Begin by standing in front of a mirror, facing your reflection with squared shoulders, a natural stance, and your hair pulled out of the way of your face.

Choosing Glasses for an oval face
Choosing Glasses for an oval face

Go ahead and trace the shape of your face on the mirror. Trace along the sides of your face from your forehead to your chin. Look at the shape you have traced. There are several common face shapes that make it easy for anyone to find their perfect frames.

These face shapes are square, heart, diamond, round, and oval. Today, we’re looking at frames for oval face shapes.

If you have an oval face shape, you’ll notice your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. Your forehead is a little more narrow than your cheekbones. And your face narrows from your cheekbones down to your chin. Some people have a more prominent oval shape than others, but you have an oval shape, you are lucky. You have many choices when it comes to frames that will look great on you. Classic, trendy, and fun are all options with your versatile oval face shape.

Best Frame Shapes for an Oval Face

Even though your oval face shape is considered versatile, some frames will be better choices than others. And there are a few frame shapes that oval faces need to stay away from.

  1. First, square frames are a fast go-to for oval faces. Because the oval is a bit longer and has a mid-face angle at the cheekbones, square frames can accentuate and compliment your features.
  2. Rectangle frames, similar to square-shaped glasses, will also help to balance your face. They will soften strong cheekbones and shorten a long oval face. If you have a more pointed chin, rectangle frames can complement the triangle from your cheekbones to your chin.
  3. Aviators don’t look great on just anybody. The aviator shape is a classic look that’s been brought to market as a modern favorite. These frames will soften and balance any strong features as well as bring out your softer jawline.
  4. Similar to aviators, browline frames will also look smart on anyone who needs a conservative, attractive look. These professional favorites use your browline to contain your cheekbones, while the slight dropping in the lower part of the frame will complement the line from your cheekbones down to your chin.

Frames To Avoid

Not many face shapes actually look good with large or oversized frames. The oval is no exception. Even though you have a naturally versatile face shape, very large or oversized frames will overpower your features. They’ll bring all the attention to your chin and draw the eye downward instead of encouraging people to look up to make eye contact with you.

Very small frames are also not a good idea. You need something that is at least as wide as the widest part of your face. Narrow frames will cut-off or pinch your face, making you look like you have a narrow gaze or are maybe even cross-eyed. They’ll also make your face look longer, rather than complementing your face shape.

Everyone deserves to look and feel like their best self when wearing eyeglasses. Choosing frames that compliment your face shape is the best place to start. Oval face shapes are lucky that they are so versatile. You’ve got square, rectangle, aviator, and browline frames as your starting place. Just avoid oversized frames and very small frames, and you’ll be well on your way to a confident, flattering look.

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