Can transitions be added to existing lenses?

by , August 4, 2022

can you add transitions to existing lenses

Transition lenses (also known as reactions or photochromatic lenses) are a type of glasses lens that is clear indoors and becomes dark when exposed to UV light outdoors. These lenses are made with photochromic molecules that decompose when exposed to UV light, causing the lens to darken.

Can Transitions Be Added to Existing Lenses?

Unfortunately, transitions cannot be added to existing lenses. Unlike many coatings, transitions are part of the lens manufacturing process.

can transitions be added to existing lenses

Transition Lenses Can Be Added to Any Existing Frame

While you can’t add transitions to your existing lenses, the lens replacement service at Overnight Glasses allows you to get new transition lenses for your current frames.

Pros of Transition Lenses

  • Convenient – Having transition lenses means that you will no longer need to swap between your everyday glasses and your sunglasses. There is also less risk of misplacing your glasses when they are not in use.
  • Cost-effective – By purchasing one set of glasses for both indoor and outdoor use, you can save a lot of money.
  • Less glare and light sensitivity outdoors – The tint in transition lenses reduces the harshness of light, making outdoor activities (such as driving) more comfortable.
  • UV protection – Transition lenses protect you from harmful UV rays. This helps to prevent ocular conditions such as cataracts or pterygium.
  • Only reacts to UV light – Transition lenses will not darken when exposed to artificial light from a lightbulb or screen, meaning that they will be clear indoors. These lenses only darken when exposed to UV light.

Cons of Transition Lenses

  • Less effective while driving – Many windshields are designed with UV blocking technology. While this protects you from harmful UV rays while driving, it can prevent your transitions from darkening as much as they may outdoors. This is because there is less UV light to react with your transition lenses.
  • Affected by temperature – In cooler weather, transition lenses can take a longer time to react to UV light. This means that your lenses will darken more slowly in cold environments.
  • Not as dark as sunglasses – While transition lenses always provide UV protection, they do not always darken as much as sunglasses do. This is because the level of lens darkness is influenced by the amount of UV exposed to the lens.

Are Transition Lenses Worth It?

are transition lenses worth it

If you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient alternative to purchasing one set of clear glasses and one set of sunglasses, then transition lenses are worth it.

While transition lenses are great for most people, it is important to consider your lifestyle demands. Some things you should consider before purchasing transition lenses include

  • Outdoor activities – While transitions provide UV and glare protection, they are not always suitable for high-glare situations. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may prefer to purchase a set of polarized sunglasses as they will provide the most glare protection.
  • When you want your lenses to be dark – Transition lenses will always darken when exposed to UV light. In most cases, this is perfect. However, it may not always be suitable when taking photos outdoors. For this reason, some people prefer to wear clear glasses without transitions when going to outdoor events that involve photos.
  • Environment – The darkness of transition lenses depends on the amount of UV light that they are exposed to. This means that in environments that are frequently overcast with low levels of UV, your lenses may not darken as much as they will in a sunny location. If this is the case, sunglasses may be a better option.

Where to Get Transition Lenses Online

While photochromic lenses are available through many optometrists and online stores, the quality of the lens is not always guaranteed. However, at Overnight Glasses, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality lenses in record time. You can purchase both frames and lenses through us, or you can use our lens replacement service to get new lenses for your existing frames.

We use the leading brand of transition lenses. Some of their benefits include:

  • Faster to darken
  • Darken more than other photochromic lenses
  • Clearer than other photochromic lenses when indoors
  • Available in many colors
  • Darken more in the car than other photochromic lenses
  • Available in polarizing (Transitions Vantage and Transitions Drivewear)

How to Order Transition Lenses Online

Ordering transition lenses online is simpler than you may think. The process is as follows:

  1. Select a frame – You can sort by brand, color, style, and size. If you have an existing frame that you would like to use, you can select our lens replacement service.
  2. Enter your glasses prescription – This is also where you will enter your PDs (pupillary distance) and lens type (i.e. single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses)
  3. Select a lens package – This is where you can select transition lenses and any additional coatings or add-ons that you would like on your glasses.
  4. Review order and checkout – Here, you can select from our fast delivery options


Yes, bifocal lenses are available with transitions.

Transition lenses provide UV and glare protection both outdoors and in the car. However, the UV-blocking technology in many windshields prevents transition lenses from going as dark in the car as they will outside.

Transition lenses only darken when exposed to UV light (from the sun), so they will be clear when you are working at your computer indoors.

You can add both blue light filtering coatings and anti-glare coatings to your transition lenses.

Progressive lenses are available with transitions to enable you to see clearly at all distances indoors and outdoors.

Transition lenses provide protection against harmful UV rays (both UVA and UVB), whilst also alleviating glare from the sun while outdoors.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient alternative to swapping between glasses when you go outdoors, then transition lenses are for you!

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